Sustainable Essentials Delivered, Right When You Need Them. 🌎

Make a pact that gets you ownership in our digital cooperative, and we'll deliver you better household products every few months with our flexible membership.  

Better essentials delivered quarterly

We help you take a step towards better living with less plastic and more natural products, delivered to your door every few months. ​

Owned entirely by our community

Earn points with every purchase or friend invited, these become ownership tokens and give you a dividend and a vote in how our platform is run.

Tokens grow with the community

A token is like a share and grows in value as more people join the community; early adopters get rewarded for their contribution.

How It Works

Function First

We research the products that actually work.

Flexible Payment

Select payment date and payment frequency

Early Notification

Receive email before delivery to make changes

Flexible Delivery

Select frequency and skip when necessary

Community Vibes

Join a community focused on a better world

Alpha Member

Points earned now get more ownership tokens

Funded by and Collaborating with

Onepact is the first digital platform owned entirely by its users.  We're working with the University of Edinburgh to calculate the fairest way to share ownership across users.  

You can sign up to learn more and join our online launch event.

1) Sign up to join our community.
2) Join our online launch event.
3) Invite friends using unique link after launch.
4) Earn points that become ownership in our platform.

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